Expertise, Specialities and Capacity

On the following pages we give you an overview of the technical and personal capacities of BEAB E & S GmbH. Our core competence is project planning and design of mechanical solutions for special purpose machinery manufacture. In cooperation with specialized partners we offer complete solutions included elektric / control system, hydraulic-, pneumatic system.

Our Know How:

  • Special vehicles for steelplant and steelmill applications for transport of ladles, slag pots, scrap baskets, tundish devices, converter vessels, coils

  • Ladle car train

  • Equipment for converters, electric arc furnaces like lifting winch systems for lances with pneumatic emergency drive, stopper rod devices, slag withhold devices, converter lining devices, special transport traverse, automatic sand supply devices for steel ladles

  • Equipment for blast furnaces

  • Equipment for continuous casting machines, segments, aligning stands, pinch roll units, dummy bar manipulators, finishing lines, rollover cooling bed, ladle tilting stand

  • Our own developments: descaling device for tubes and profiles, rust removal device for inside area of tubes / descaling with special grinding heads

  • Equipment for rolling mill plants, coil lifting car, coil transport car, walking beam systems, cooling beds, roller changing devices

  • Special solutions, hoisting gear